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Dr. Jacqueline Merced

What to expect in your first chiropractic session

It starts with a conversation

In your first appointment with Dr. Jacqueline, she’ll listen closely to your health concerns and discomforts, then she’ll take your health history.

Next, she’ll perform three scans of your nervous system to help her pinpoint the areas of your nervous and musculoskeletal systems that need attention and adjustment.

Three nervous system scans

Using precise techniques to map your body’s nervous system, Dr. Jacqueline will pinpoint the areas that are causing you discomfort and formulate a plan to address them.

neuroTHERMAL scan

neuroTHERMAL scan

Thermographic scanning expands the chiropractic story beyond the spine by exploring deeper nerve connections to the organs and glands. Unbalanced temperature regulation provides valuable insight into how well those same nerves are regulating the body’s internal functions.

neuroCORE scan

neuroCORE scan

This scan targets the spinal nerves that manage the postural muscles using surface EMG technology. It provides crucial insights into the level of performance or fatigue of these muscle groups.

neuroPULSE scan

neuroPULSE scan

This scan uses HRV to assess how much adaptive reserve is available to restore their health and manage daily and eventful stressors.

Dr. Jaqueline listens to your health goals so you can work together to combine the chiropractic care and lifestyle adjustments that will achieve them.

Creating a plan

From your health history and three nervous system scans, Dr. Jacqueline will create a plan for the interventions that will best serve you and your health goals. She’ll present that plan in your second appointment.

Starting chiropractic adjustments

With a plan in place, Dr. Jacqueline performs chiropractic adjustments along with gentle massage and therapeutic exercises that will support restored body balance and ease joint and nerve discomfort.

Patient reviews

We’re proud to have helped these happy patients.

Josie VanWingerden
November 7, 2023

Dr. Merced is a miracle worker! She cured me of my sciatica pain and now, her monthly adjustments for me keeps me strong and pain free. She’s amazing.

Lemar Rivera
August 11, 2023

Excellent service! I had never received an evaluation like this one.

Shanell Mosley
March 25, 2023

Dr. Jacqueline is amazing! She is gentle and intuitive. She has helped me with my back and neck pain which has dramatically improved my overall quality of life. I’m grateful that I starting visiting her a couple of months ago. Highly recommend!!

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